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Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete: Everything You Need to Know About the 4K Director's Cut

advent children is a direct continuation of final fantasy vii as a movie. although it was released in japan before that release, it was only released in the us with no extra footage. it attempts to give extra meaning to cloud and sephiroth's relationship and features additional characters. this is a high-quality disc and at a price, so it should be available to anyone who wants it. this is a great disc even if you're a final fantasy vii player. this is mostly due to the quality of the video, audio, and extras. it also has a really good soundtrack. the uhd disc is slightly better than the blu-ray edition. some of the content on the blu-ray seems better due to the brighter picture, so it's an upgrade only if you already own it, or if you're trying to keep your copy intact.

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete 1080p (MKV BD9) En

foxdvd features- 1080p blu ray- copy quality dvd9- original japanese audio- the original japanese subtitles- audio in english and japanese with english subtitles- 2 discs- 14.1 dolby digital english (1.0)

finest fantasy vii advent children 1080p, 720p and blu ray in one package' the blu ray is region free playable and can be played on all players as well as ps4, xbox one and 3ds. from the academy award-winning filmmaker to a shot-for-shot restoration of the original japanese 2-disc blu-ray version, advent children redux combines both the analog glory of the anime with the visual fidelity and stylistic polish of the new 1080p. visit the official site.

having been trapped in his house, that he calls home, in the dark streets of midgar, cloud is mysteriously teleported to the shinra tower, the center of shinra's operation. storming to the top of the tower he fights his way through shinra military and finds himself in a massive energy barrier, which keeps out his allies but not him and his enemies. he discovers a strange machine and that a small girl called the "gladiolus girl" can change the world, if only the barrier can be broken.


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