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Daal Mein Kuch Kaala Hai: A Hilarious Tale of a Con Artist and a Spy in Bollywood

Daal Mein Kuch Kaala Hai! 3 In Hindi 720p: A Review

If you are looking for a light-hearted comedy movie to watch online, you might have come across Daal Mein Kuch Kaala Hai! 3 in Hindi 720p. This is the third installment of the Daal Mein Kuch Kaala Hai franchise, which started in 2012 with Daal Mein Kuch Kaala Hai. The movie is available on various streaming platforms like Eros Now, JioCinema, and JustWatch. But is it worth your time and money? In this article, we will review Daal Mein Kuch Kaala Hai! 3 in Hindi 720p and tell you what to expect from this movie.

Daal Mein Kuch Kaala Hai! 3 In Hindi 720p

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What is Daal Mein Kuch Kaala Hai?

Daal Mein Kuch Kaala Hai is a Hindi comedy movie series that revolves around a budding actress who tries to con a rich loser to become successful in Bollywood. The first movie was released in 2012 and starred Veena Malik as Malai, Jackie Shroff as Mr. Dabu, Shakti Kapoor as Mr. Bhatti, Vijay Raaz as Murli Manohar Munna, and Anand Balraj as Aanand Balraj. The movie was directed by Anand Balraj and produced by Deepak Bali and Urvashi Bali.

What is the plot of Daal Mein Kuch Kaala Hai! 3?

Daal Mein Kuch Kaala Hai! 3 is a sequel to Daal Mein Kuch Kaala Hai! 2, which was released in 2017. The movie follows the adventures of Malai (Veena Malik), who has become a famous Bollywood actress after conning Mr. Dabu (Jackie Shroff) in the first movie. However, she is not happy with her life and wants to find true love. She meets Raj (Raja Choudhary), a struggling singer who falls for her. However, Raj has a secret that he hides from Malai. He is actually a spy who works for Mr Bhatti (Shakti Kapoor), who wants to take revenge on Malai for ruining his life. Raj is assigned to seduce Malai and steal her money and fame. However, things get complicated when Raj falls in love with Malai for real and decides to betray Mr. Bhatti. Will Malai find out Raj's true identity? Will Raj be able to save Malai from Mr. Bhatti's evil plans? Will they live happily ever after? These are some of the questions that Daal Mein Kuch Kaala Hai! 3 tries to answer.

Who are the main actors and characters in Daal Mein Kuch Kaala Hai! 3?

The main actors and characters in Daal Mein Kuch Kaala Hai! 3 are as follows:



Veena Malik

Malai, a famous Bollywood actress who is looking for love

Raja Choudhary

Raj, a struggling singer who is actually a spy working for Mr. Bhatti

Jackie Shroff

Mr. Dabu, a rich loser who was conned by Malai in the first movie

Shakti Kapoor

Mr. Bhatti, a former producer who wants to take revenge on Malai for ruining his life

Vijay Raaz

Murli Manohar Munna, a friend of Mr. Dabu who helps him in his schemes

Anand Balraj

Aanand Balraj, a director who makes movies with Malai


What are the strengths of Daal Mein Kuch Kaala Hai! 3?

Daal Mein Kuch Kaala Hai! 3 is a comedy movie that tries to entertain the audience with its humor, music, and message. Here are some of the strengths of the movie:

The humor

The movie has some funny scenes and dialogues that make the audience laugh. For example, there is a scene where Mr. Dabu tries to impress Malai by singing a song, but he forgets the lyrics and makes up his own words. There is also a scene where Mr. Bhatti disguises himself as a woman to spy on Malai and Raj, but he gets caught by a security guard who thinks he is a prostitute. The movie also has some witty references to other Bollywood movies and celebrities, such as Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Aamir Khan, and Karan Johar.

The music

The movie has some catchy songs and dances that add to the fun and romance of the movie. The songs are composed by Anand Raj Anand and sung by various singers like Sunidhi Chauhan, Shaan, Mika Singh, and Veena Malik herself. Some of the popular songs from the movie are "Daal Mein Kuch Kaala Hai", "Dil De Diya Hai", "Tere Ishq Mein", and "Mujhe Pyaar Ho Gaya". The songs are also accompanied by colorful costumes and choreography that make them visually appealing.

The message

The movie has a positive message about love and honesty that resonates with the audience. The movie shows that love is not based on money or fame, but on trust and respect. The movie also shows that honesty is the best policy and that lying can lead to trouble and pain. The movie teaches the audience to be true to themselves and their partners, and to value their relationships more than anything else.

What are the weaknesses of Daal Mein Kuch Kaala Hai! 3?

Daal Mein Kuch Kaala Hai! 3 is not a perfect movie and has some flaws that affect its quality and appeal. Here are some of the weaknesses of the movie:

The clichés

The movie has a predictable and clichéd plot that does not offer anything new or original to the audience. The movie follows the same formula of the previous movies in the franchise, where a con artist falls in love with their target and faces a dilemma between their mission and their feelings. The movie also has some stereotypical characters and situations that are common in Bollywood movies, such as the rich loser, the evil villain, the loyal friend, the comic relief, the love triangle, the misunderstanding, the twist, and the happy ending. b70169992d


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