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For sure there are other references that might confuse today'sreader. The St. Ides peroration refers to Ice Cube's ad deal with thatbeverage, which as Chuck D recalls in his Fight the Powermemoir irked him especially because he'd just changed a song called "AMillion Body Bags" to "A Million Bottlebags" after concluding that"Black people drink malt liquor like it's going in style" in partbecause "Malt liquor has a higher alcohol content than beer, butbreweries usually won't reveal the ingredients on the labels."Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, who died in 2016, was a psychiatrist whoheld that whites were an inferior race who'd been driven out of Africamany ages ago. Molefi Kante Asante was and remains a leadingAfrocentrist philosopher and activist. "Anita" refers to soulballadeer and crooner Anita Baker. The long colloquy on homophobia inwhich Tate takes such an active role turns largely on the suffix"phobia," meaning irrational fear, which Chuck was hardly the onlystraight male of that time or indeed this one to regard as an insultto his courageous manhood. Rereading this conversation, I was struckby how very little interest Chuck evinces in not just romance butsex. But how sexist that does or doesn't make him seems moot--he hasalways been one of the rare rappers whose rhymes very seldom demeanwomen. It is very much worth noting that his wife of many years, GayeTheresa Johnson, is a Ph.D who teaches in the Black Studies departmentat UCLA.

CHUCK D: It's important to be positive because you got tounderstand, the only time the structure wants to put anybody black upthere in the spotlights if we are athletes or entertainers. If all theathletes and entertainers are going to get projected like that, we'vegot to say, damn, we've got a little bit more responsibility than theaverage white musician that comes along and just wants to talk abouthis dick. 'Cause we've got to say, all right, yeah, this is a story totell, but at the same time, this is probably going to be the result ofit. I mean, I talk about a drive-by, I might start drive-bys inSt. Louis. That's a tight line, and we've got to deal with it, 'causewe're going to be listened, watched, and followed a lot closer than alot of white kids.

I'm seeing results whether it be Memphis, Houston, St. Louis,Chicago, Detroit--it could be the smaller fucking cities. I'll takeyou right in the 'Velt, Roosevelt--one square mile. Got 14 delis inthere, and every single deli got Ice Cube's poster. The people say,"Well, why do you give so much of a damn?" Because I've got to live inthis motherfucker. And I'm grown. Once you're over 18, fun and gamesgot to be put to number three. Responsibility and business got to beone and two and you can have fun and games and shit, but once youunderstand those number one and two things, you understand that funand games are being played on your ass. I tell motherfuckers in aminute, you can be hardcore and be positive. Thieves and pimps andmurderers, man, motherfuckers got to pay a penalty. The problem isthat some white boy coming in and trying to remedy the situation andwe need to start doing it ourselves. The more grown people you havethat understand they're adults and take control of their community,the less bullshit you have coming in. And you used to have somethinglike that until quote unquote so-called integration.

And I think that's something that definitely got to be taughtthrough the school systems. I mean a lot of things have to be taughtto us. Once again, I go back to slavery. Slavery has done a lot offucking detriment, where it's almost irreparable unless we're going tofucking eight-hour-a-day training sessions that satisfy our intellectbut also satisfy our wants and needs, you know. I mean, mentally andphysically. School's got to be school. And a school for black people,black kids, definitely it got to be different from white kids.

CHUCK D: My father had his own business at 40 after he wentthrough the same bullshit in the white corporation, and he was workingin the corporation for 20-some-odd years and all of a sudden they hada fucking attitude of, you know, well, maybe he could go somewhereelse.

TATE: I have a friend that grew up in Elmont. Right nextto her neighborhood is this huge high school. And they rezoned herneighborhood out of that, so it's still like a predominantly whitehigh school.

I think all the black philosophers have something in line. Likepeople talk about Stanley Crouch, how much of an asshole he is. Ithink, deep down, he wants to see something better for black peopleeven though he might sound like an asshole. It's just that a lot ofbrothers that fight for the struggle, they fight for the struggle solong that they get beat down by white supremacy and don't realizeit. So their views become so radical that every time you hear theirmouth they sound like, "This nigger antiblack or what?"

CHUCK D: Contemporary stuff. I think that's important. ButI'm really dealing with everything. History is everything. Whitecapitalism, white supremacy, slave trade, movement of blacks, andblack people catching hell all over. That takes studying. And amotherfucker in the eighth grade should have that down. Those are thebasics. You don't understand that shit from fourth to eighth grade andit doesn't get drilled into you and it doesn't make you feelgood. Learning should be feeling good like a motherfucker. Learningshould be something like, "Damn, man, I'm learning a lot today."

You know, you walk into a fourth and fifth grade, in a blackschool--quote unquote black school--today, I'm telling you, you'refinding chaos right now, 'cause rappers came in the game and threwthat confusing element in it, and now kids is like, "Yo, fuck thismotherfuck." School, I'm telling you, the educational system from hereto here is at war, I'm telling you. In the '90s, by 1995, it'sgone. I'll tell you, I do speaking engagements, I went to fuckingEvansville. White high school. Eighty per cent white. And every one ofthe white kids is number one like this, "What's up man, uh,yo. [Laughs] Yo, thanks a lot man, y'all teaching us a differentperspective, because I can take so much of this Patrick Henrybullshit."

So I don't make some statement like, yeah, I hope to make somemoney to send my daughter to college. I hope to make some businessesthat she can run. And that's the fucking thing about capitalism--we asblack people keep looking for fucking jobs, we ain't getting no jobs'cause there's a tight rope on white business, and they definitelyain't giving a black face a fucking job because business isfamily.

CHUCK D: No, I just think that we could still have thevarious different philosophies and different viewpoints oflife. Everybody ain't made out of a cookie cutter. Everybody's gotdifferent opinions--everybody got different tastes and differentfeelings on how they want to look at life. It's only, there's a rightway and there's a wrong way, you know what I'm saying? The wrong wayis getting in somebody's path and disrespecting nature, which is God'splan--we only got one place we know we and other human beings canlive. And the white structure and the European structure has provencontrary to both. It's fucked up other human beings, and it's fuckedup the planet.

CHUCK D: That ain't got nothing to do with mysexuality. Somebody come over and say--suppose my point of view islike this: I'm Chuck D, I ain't fucking no white bitches. What's thepoint of that? I say, "Yo, I don't like white women, black women iswhat I like." You know what I'm saying? That's not even apoint. That's not even the issue. A lot of things is behind thecloset. A lot of things should remain behind the closet, you know whatI'm saying? A lot of things should remain behind closed doors. True orfalse?

CHUCK D: Like, yo, their thing is their thing, you know whatI'm saying? My whole thing is usually black people. And to anybodywhoever might do whatever they want to do, it's like, Yo, that's yourprogram, you know what I'm saying? And when people ask me questionsabout it, sometimes, it gets difficult, because I'm like, you know, Ihaven't studied other people's religions to tell them this andthat. You know a lot of times when you talk about Jewish people, Iwould like to say, I don't know. Here in America I look at things inblack and white, I'm not breaking down nobody's classification.

CHUCK D: It's going to take 25 years of hard work amongstourselves to even get to that point. For us having an understanding ofourselves and our community, saying, well, we do well with you orwithout you. That's the only time you respect somebody, when they say,I can do with you or without you. We got to get it going on. Usually,we're just, Help me, can help me, sympathize with me, 'cause we ain'tgot it going on. I mean, be realistic. What we really need whitepeople to do is just support us in our theories--just stay the fuckout of the way for a little while and if you're going to do anything,just throw money and don't ask for it back. It's a hard thing toswallow, but, you know, you've got to understand. I'm in the middle ofa tornado just as well as Greg. This is a mess that we didn't startand we''e trying to find our way out of, you know what I'm saying?

CHUCK D: They can only get in one person's way. They can'tget into fucking millions of people's way. I'm a realist. I'm saying,we don't get our act together this decade, it's over. I'm not going towait for that 25; I'm not going to wait for race relations. What'sgoing to happen, it's going to be utter chaos 25 years from now. Whitepeople are going to be killed just like black people are gettingkilled. Senseless. Without mercy. It's going to be like--it's going torun rampant. You're going to see more white mass murderers, moremotherfuckers that qualify to be in asylums on the streets. You'rejust going to see more madness. You can't pile madness on top ofmadness, then it gets to a height where it gets totally crazy. 041b061a72


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