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Andrew Scott
Andrew Scott

License File For Real Guitar 3 46 \/\/TOP\\\\

Introduced in 1974, the Roland Space Echo RE-201 was an instant hit among engineers, guitar players, and dub pioneers.A real analog system providing both tape echo and spring reverb for a rich and organic sound.

license file for real guitar 3 46

Experimental settings. (a) A naturalistic environment of the experiment. Participants play a real guitar while their brain activity is scanned with fNIRS. (b) Task Paradigm. A: Improv; B: Formulaic; C: Sham (Same as B, but not used in analysis). (c) An optical probe arrangement of a representative participant. Probe array positioned over the left and right prefrontal lobes including BA10/11, BA46, and BA9. Each red number shows optode channels.


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