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BlackSite Area 51 €? RELOADED

A Non-Linear Sequel, named Blacksite: Area 51, was released in 2007. This time, PC and Xbox 360 versions launched simultaneously, while the Playstation 3 version was delayed for a month. Built on the Unreal Engine 3 (aka the Gears of War engine), Blacksite featured similar themes and gameplay elements to the original game, but took place in a different continuity. This time the player is Aaron Pierce, the Silent Protagonist leader of a 4-man team of Delta Force operators who encounter alien phenomenon during the invasion of Iraq in 2003. Three years later, Pierce and his team are called in to suppress an armed insurrection in the area around Rachel, Nevada, only to discover the town and surrounding environs are crawling with alien lifeforms as well as a small, well-organized army of hostile cyborg soldiers known as the Reborn. Blacksite is infamous for being an Obvious Beta that was rushed out into publication before being properly finished. Which contributed to the game's mediocre reception, which combined with Midway crashing and burning a year later, makes further entries into the series rather unlikely for the near future.

BlackSite Area 51 – RELOADED

Collectible 1: As you progress in the level, you will come across a catwalk area and a turret on the right side with some enemies down below. If you continue onward, on the left you will get more enemies to deal with inside the building. After killing them, enter the building and the collectible will be on the right side on a desk.

Collectible 5: Somers and Noa will have a conversation and then Somers will open a door to the next area. Travel onward and you will find a broken floor area. Drop down and directly to your left is the collectible.

Collectible 6: When you get the objective "Breach Bunker Exterior Wall", your squad will blow up a wall to the next area. After a loading screen you will be inside a building. Turn right and enter the room on the right side and you will find the collectible on a desk next to a wall with some posters. I'm not going to say who's pictured on the wall as that's a spoiler.

Collectible 13: Keep driving onward and you should come up a hill and a sign on the left saying "Little Alein". You will then reach an area with a load of camper vans. Go on the left side and behind one of the vans on the left of it will be the collectible.

Collectible 16: You will get the objective "Assist 4th Infantry. Neutralize Hostiles" and you should see a different squad blocking the area for your vehicle to get through. You will need to pass through this part on foot and on your right, you should see a small tower with a turret. Travel around and head up the ramp into the tower for the collectible.

Collectible 17: You will get the objective "Locate Path Through Train Wreckage" and you will have to park your vehicle and check out the area. This part will have loads of hostiles for you to kill. Now if you look at the first building on your right, you should see a Women's & Disabled Toilet sign. If you go around and enter the bog, you will find the collectible inside.

Collectible 18: You will have to travel around the train wreckage. The area is packed full of enemies to kill. Now as you fight around you should get to a part of the wreckage where it's open wide. An exit to the roadway will be straight in front of you, but don't go through just yet. Instead look to your left and you should see a open gap in the wreckage and the collectible will be on the left side.

Collectible 32: In the chapter "Rules Of Engagement" you should see the entrance to the Armory Room. Get your squad to open the door and then travel around. You will see an outside area with a stairway to the left. Underneath the stairs on the left corner which makes it look like a L shape is the collectible.

Collectible 34: When your squad opens the gate for you to travel upward you will go through a small canyon part and then reach a airport area with a helicopter ready to take off. Keep running along in front and you should see a piece of the rock creating a slope you can walk up on. At the top you will see a turret on the left side and the collectible.

Collectible 35: After a short battle you will have to travel around an area with towers, building and a whole load of Reborns. As you are fighting against the Reborns you will have to jump on some wooden planks to get over the fence. Keep walking onward battling the Reborns and make the far right. You will see a Sniper Tower up ahead (watch out for Snipers). Now from here if you turn around you should see a little corner you can access on the left side. The collectible will be at the bottom of the stairs in front of you.

Collectible 37: From the previous collectible run into the next room in front of you and defeat the enemies. There is another area you can go in on the right side and you should see the collectible in front of you.

Collectible 38: You will need to defeat a Spore Tower to continue to the next area. Jump over a stack of broken walls to reach the new area. Keep going straight and you should see the collectible among the rubble.

Collectible 39: Hop in the truck and go through the doors in front of you. Follow the road until you reach a T section and then turn left. Drive straight and you should land in a pit area. You should see the collectible here.

Collectible 40: You will have a part where you will need to drive the vehicle through some large pipes. Keep going through them and eventually you'll go up a small hill to a pavement area. Before going through the left side, look to your right and you should see the collectible on the pavement floor.

Collectible 41: You will have a part where you need to defeat a Fire Brute in a large arena-like area. Take the vehicle and drive forward and head to the far left side. Climb up the stairs and follow them around. The collectible will be at the far end of the catwalk area your walking on.

Collectible 42: You will get a part in the level where some creatures will break through the door you need to go through to reach the next area. Defeat the enemies and keep going straight to find two stairways either side. The collectible is underneath the right one.

If you love to play the video games with weapons, then you should download Blacksite Area 51 in which you will find six different types of weapons. The player would be able to carry two weapons at a time. One can use melee attacks and grenades in the game. The main weapon of this game is M4 carbine which comes with holographic sight and can be aimed at targets located at a distant area.

There are the vehicles in which player can drive the van to reach at a specific location and enemy can also be dealt while driving vehicle. If the player wants to collect some items or investigate buildings, then he can get out of the vehicle easily. It is one of the most entertaining video games, and one can find enemies anywhere in the gaming area. You can collect several things and get some rewards at the end. This game can be played for long hours with friends.

The first map that we played on was set in and around Rachel's gas station, which you'll be familiar with if you've been following our previous coverage of BlackSite or have played through the teaser demo that was released earlier this year. The map was small enough that any more than 10 players might have made it feel crowded, but not so small that there weren't plenty of places for long-range weapons such as the rocket launcher and the sniper rifle to be useful. Grenades are also a lot of fun in BlackSite, and it's possible to "cook" them in your hand for a moment if you're feeling brave, so that they explode more quickly when you toss them. All of the weapons in multiplayer games spawn over highlighted areas on the ground, and the same weapons will always spawn in the same places, so you'll be at a distinct advantage once you know your way around any given map. With that said, the spawn points for each weapon look slight different, so once you figure out which spawn-point shapes correspond to which weapons, it shouldn't be too difficult for you to adjust to new maps.

Sweet Half-Life is a single-player mod for Half-Life. It includes 3 new weapons and 5 new enemies. weapons: Minigun: Mowing down an area has NEVER been easier with this bad-ass! Be careful, as it shares ammo with the M16. M16: One of the mod's main attractions, the M16 is the coolest weapon. 50 round clip, MP5 grenades and a short reload sequence. Plasma gun: 60 round clip, 240 ammo carried, and the R-A-C-E's standard issue. Secondary fire uses a BIG shot of 10 rounds. Short reload sequence. Enemies: Minigun grunt: Was "Dumped" from the final game, but it's YOUR chance to see him NOW! Armed with a minigun at all times and its speed make it a weak class selection. R-A-C-E: Standard aliens, always with a plasma gun. there are only 9 seen in-game if you choose Route A (twist the valve), but a LOT more if you choose route B. Probe: Think they will take a picture of you? They will zap you instead. Will detonate when killed. Probe boss: This is a quite hard boss. Only...


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