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Ice T (OG) Original Gangster - Track 06 - New Jack Hustler

4th Studio album from Ice-T originally released in 1991. Features New Jack Hustler from the movie New Jack City and the first appearance of Ice-T's hardcore metal band Bodycount. Ice-T is the epitome of antidisestblishmentarianism who embodies the entire spectrum of the Urban experience and struggle. Also the dopest, flyest, O.G. pimp, hustler, gangster, player hardcore Motherfucker living today! No skips here!

Ice T (OG) Original Gangster - Track 06 - New Jack Hustler

The title track to his fourth album permanently impacted popular culture, solidifying gangsta rap as a genre by introducing the abbreviation for original gangster to the world at large. Part memoir, part twisted-persona poem, the song embodies that perfect mix of controversy and influence his fans have come to love.

The autobiographical song is from the album of the same name. The song has a gangster rap sound. The personal song is about his life before he became a rapper. Ice-T was a gangster when he was younger. He wanted to write after he heard his favorite rappers. He wanted to do party songs until he decided to write about life on the streets. He was one of the first rappers to get real and talk about life on the streets. At the time, rappers were doing party songs so his music really stood out. If you want to know about his humble beginnings, all you have to do is listen to this track. He gives you all the information you ever wanted to know about him. 041b061a72


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