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BETTER APK EXTRACTOR PRO V14.0.0 [Premium] [Latest]

1. Supported updating 9,000,000+ Microsoft WHQL drivers. 2. New "System booster" - One click optimizes your system including the memory, disk, network and services to make your PC run smoothly and faster. 3. Added "Delete updated driver", allow users to delete old drivers to free up disk space. 4. Enhanced 'Hardware Info' - Supported Intel, AMD and NVIDIA's latest motherboard chipset, CPU, GPU. 5. Enhanced Driver Backup for faster scanning. 6. Improved Driver Cleanup and Invalid Device Clean Tool to be more safe and smarter. 7. Improved driver installation engine for supporting Windows 10 better. 8. Optimized software update checking logic. 9. Optimized user interface. 10. Uninstallation program - Added "Delete user data" option.

BETTER APK EXTRACTOR PRO V14.0.0 [Premium] [Latest]



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