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Andrew Scott

New Captcha!

Another captcha approach is making use of the Halting Problem (Will this program halt?), as computers can't solve it, while humans can find a pattern. ColorfulGalaxy (talk) 20:39, 11 December 2022 (UTC)

New Captcha!


That's probably because I can't access the git repository. (I could, but it seems I did something wrong, and the repository refuses the connection.) Anyway, this captcha is almost identical in code to the image captcha, and the applying rules say that in this case I'm to contact the authors of the original module, and offer it as a contribution/patch.

Yes, I know, but I have just started using git, and I'm not perfect from it yet. For now, I'm attaching a tarball archive. I'll also have two more captchas soon, I'll try to make them as independent modules.

Thanks for the suggestion, I'll work on it when I'll have some time. I thought about making this captcha a part of the image captcha module, along with a configuration option to select it, but if we keep it a submodule, it can be used alongside the image captcha.

Hello folks it has been a long time since I been in the forums posting a topic. I remember looking at this when I was using UD but not being able to figure it out. So last night I got looking at building a captcha component simply because one does not exist and I know this has been requested. To make this dream come true I have cooked up the following component:-

DescriptionThe new captcha change adds an extra step before joining the meeting. Is there a way to override this?Earlier when using prefer=1 and un params the user was able to join the meeting directly but this seems to be limited with the addition of captcha.

Failure to join the meeting directly in wordpress because of the captcha, and content served via unsecure http:// have destroyed wordpress/zoom integration, I think should address it as soon as possibile. Thanks. 041b061a72


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