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During the late 1980s, McMahon shaped the WWF into a unique sports entertainment brand that reached out to family audiences while attracting fans who hadn't paid attention to pro wrestling before. By directing his storylines toward highly publicized supercards, McMahon capitalized on a fledgling revenue stream by promoting these events live on pay-per-view television. In 1987, the WWF reportedly drew 93,173 fans to the Pontiac Silverdome (which was called the "biggest crowd in sports-entertainment history") for WrestleMania III, which featured the main event of Hulk Hogan vs. André the Giant.[27]

Family Dick 25.mp4

On the June 2 Raw, McMahon announced that starting the next week, he would give away US$1 million live on Raw. Fans could register online, and each week randomly selected fans would receive a part of the $1 million. McMahon's Million Dollar Mania lasted just three weeks and was suspended after the 3-hour Draft episode of Raw on June 23. After giving away $500,000, explosions tore apart the Raw stage, which fell and collapsed on top of McMahon. On June 30, Shane addressed the WWE audience before Raw, informing the fans that his family had chosen to keep his father's condition private. He also urged the WWE roster to stand together during what he described as a "turbulent time". The McMahons made several requests to the wrestlers for solidarity, before finally appointing Mike Adamle as the new general manager of Raw to restore order to the brand.[citation needed]

Vince sought revenge on Heyman and faced him in a street fight on the February 25 episode of Raw, but Lesnar again interfered, only for Triple H to interfere as well, setting up a rematch between Lesnar and Triple H at WrestleMania 29. From June 2013, members of the McMahon family began to dispute various elements of the control of WWE, such as the fates of Daniel Bryan, and of Raw and SmackDown general managers Brad Maddox and Vickie Guerrero.[123] After Triple H and Stephanie created The Authority, McMahon celebrated Randy Orton's victory at TLC with them, but stepped aside from his on-screen authority role in early 2014 to evaluate Triple H and Stephanie's control of the company.

On September 5, it was announced that McMahon would make an appearance on the September 12 episode of SmackDown Live. At the end of that night as a face, McMahon confronted Kevin Owens, who was unhappy about Vince's son Shane attacking him the week before, which resulted in Shane being suspended. McMahon was furious about the heinous words regarding his family, and how Owens was not respectful, and how he planned to prosecute everybody who wronged him. McMahon warned him that his lawsuit would result in him being fired, but McMahon has the cash to deal with that empty threat.[134][135]

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Ariana's family was able to remain in the city thanks to a little help from Bruce Wayne. Bruce arranged for Wayne Enterprises to buy Ari's uncle's store at a very generous price, enough for the family to open another store in a better Gotham neighborhood. Ari would even be able to go to the same school as Tim, and Tim was very grateful.

On Tim's flight home, Gotham City was struck by the Cataclysm, a massive earthquake that leveled most of the city. Robin joined with Batman and the rest of the Bat family, overwhelmed at the near total destruction of the entire city. There was little that Robin could do in such chaos, and Batman asked him not to get involved. Luckily, the Drake home, in one of the outer neighboring communities, suffered only minor damages from the quake.

With Gotham in ruins, Jack Drake decided the family should relocate for a while and decided to move to Keystone City. When they arrived, Robin teamed with the Flash to take on the Riddler and Captain Boomerang. They also got some help from Superman to stop a bomb threat.

Tim, along with the rest of the superhero community, tried to keep all of his loved ones safe after family members of the Justice League were tragically being targeted by an unknown conspirator. One night, while Batman and Robin were investigating these crimes, Tim received a call from his father that there was an intruder in the Drake home and a mysterious note with a gun suggesting that he protect himself. Jack, fearing for his life, told Tim that he was proud of him and that he was not responsible if something bad happens. The intruder was revealed to be Captain Boomerang, hired to kill Jack. Tim's father fired the gun as Captain Boomerang unleashed a razor boomerang, and the two killed one another before Batman and Robin could make it to the scene. Like Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson before him, Tim Drake had now lost both of his parents to crime.[94]

Damian returned sometime later - having healed from his wounds during his disappearance, and warned the Bat family that Ra's al Ghul had returned. Tim and Damian had a rematch fight, but, before there could be a winner, Alfred scolded them to stop[105]

Afterwards, Tim reconsidered the offer Ra's made and decided to sacrifice himself for his lost friends and family.[108] At the last second though, Nightwing tried to convince Tim to back out of the deal, and, forced to make the decision for himself, once again refused Ra's offer, breaking down in tears as he did so.[109]

Despite Tim's efforts to save Bruce from self-destruction, Batman was seemingly killed in one final crisis against Darkseid, being struck by the conqueror's Omega Beams and being reduced to a corpse.[113] Gotham had lost their hero, and the Bat family was forced to make some dire changes without their leader.

Tim Drake began a new quest of his own to take down several of the Bat-family's currently active foes and enlisted the help of Lonnie Machin (formerly the villain Anarky) to be his "Oracle". The pair worked together to recapture Ulysses Armstrong, who was still on the loose operating as the new Anarky.[134]

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When Jax finally comes out of the shower, he finds Jay waiting for him and confessing he needs a great dick as well, setting off a sensual session in which Shae can only watch. After the dick-swap is finally over with everyone satisfied, a new relationship kicks off between Jay and Shae.26 Mar _trailer.mp4

Umm yes lets get our facts straight. The government uses us and and discards us too when were no longer needed. Have you heard of the last 7 years of roll back where the Airforce dropped over 40 thousand bodies, the Army is dropping half of its NCO corp. The Marines are cutting bodies, and the Navy as well and WE DONT HAVE A JOB BACK HOME EITHER nor do we have a cushy 200k to show for our year of deployment to sit on until a job opens. Instead we are left with a as you stated (MORTGAGE) family, no health insurance, and the government would have enough bodies if they quit kicking us out and expanding our mission on a whim. I dont care how you do the numbers nothing I get remotely adds to 250k. Infact with my healthcare, my base pay, my housing allowance, my food I will do you one solid I will add it all up for you. 30k base pay right? ok now lets add my housing for the year 15k ok so were at 45k now lets add my medical I have no wife or kids so lets say a round 200 a month for 12 months should cover me being single with no serious ailments hmmm 2400 for the year so lets add that 2400 to my WHOPPING 45k ok so now were at 47,400. Now lets toss in my food allowance and now were at about 51,200, ok lets toss in some of that big clothing allowance I get thats about 400 bucks 200 on a off year so lets just round it off to 300 yearly thats 51,500, now lets look at what life insurance would cost me if I was a civilian lets say for the same 400,000 dollar policy I would pay hmmm being young and risky around 200 a month thats another 2400. Now were at a whopping 53,900. Now lets say we even add in my education tuition assistance which just got cut thats 4500 a year 58,400, now lets toss in the fact that I PAY TAX ON EVERY CENT! hmm so now my 58,400 being single never married no dependants brings me down to about 49k.

I am not sure what made you believe you had to endure rape 3 times, or how you figured you had to keep the child or even engage in sexual activity with a married person especially an Officer but it sounds to me your not a victim of the military but a victim of a weak mind. Woman and men alike report rapes, and foul sexual plays, also as you a female soldier you are creating a mold that they all dont fit. I am a male soldier but I have seen female soldiers who made E-6 in record time who were married, faithful and strictly about business. It sounds like you may have went into the military without direction and fell victim to the company you kept. Usually when a rape occurs 80 percent of the time its someone you know, also it usually happens when both parties are in a situation they are not supposed to be. (Ie. Alone in a males room, drunk at a party, or passed out from some type of drugs.) Perhaps you should seek some outside therapy to discover the roots to your behavior, why you felt you had to comply when there are tons of advocacy groups ESPECIALLY during deployments, and you could have also went to your family and asked them their take on it. I wish you much success in your future but your experiance in the military is not a fair representation of our men and woman who serve. 041b061a72


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