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Miller Torbert
Miller Torbert

What types of business can we start with 50,000 AED in Dubai?

In Dubai, starting a business with 50,000 AED offers a range of entrepreneurial possibilities. One viable option is establishing a small service-based business, such as a consultancy or freelance service. This budget could cover initial licensing fees, office space rental, and basic operational expenses. Alternatively, venturing into the e-commerce sector by creating an online store or dropshipping business is a cost-effective choice, requiring minimal upfront investment. Additionally, food-related ventures, such as a small cafe or catering service, can be explored with careful budgeting. Engaging in the tourism industry by offering niche tours or experiences is another avenue that may be pursued with a modest investment. Regardless of the chosen business, prudent financial management and a clear business plan are crucial for success when starting a venture in Dubai with a budget of 50,000 AED.


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