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Facebook Community Standards Support Child Exploitation

How are we supposed to help children when the biggest social media platform in the world turns a blind eye to sexual predators?

Let's take a step back. On Monday, a member of one of my Facebook Groups submitted a post for Admin approval that was basically outing a pedophile group with a little over 3k members. I went to check the validity of the claim and sure enough it was post after post of young girls, some in provocative poses and scantly dressed. Grown men were commenting on their thighs and wishing to see these 4-10 year old girls in their panties, calling them yummy. I’m not sharing the photos or the name of the group because I don’t want to re-victimize victims and it has all been forwarded to the authorities at this point. I also didn't approve the members post since it shared the faces of these young girls and it didn't feel right to me. Where did I go from there? Well, I spent the next hour reporting all the pictures and comments individually and the group itself as sexual exploitation.

Done deal right? There is no way Facebook would allow a group like this to exist or so I thought.

Facebook denied ALL but 2 of my reports, stating they did not go against FB community standards. The two that were deleted were comments, not the group, and they didn't take down any of the pictures. To paint a clearer picture, some of the photos were of young girls most likely around 7-10 with their legs spread and panties showing or in very short skirts that revealed the bottom of their butt cheeks. Feeling optimistic, I asked for a second review on all the denied reports. My thought behind this was maybe a computer is reviewing and it doesn't understand the concern since the girls are not naked and the men are not directly soliciting sex to minors. Once again my optimism was faulty, all came back as confirmed not against fb community standards with no option to comment or to request a third review. My options were to block the page, the individual, or delete report.

So what I hear is, FB cares more about election interference and fact checking political propaganda than the sexual exploitation of children. I feel dirty as a Facebook User because I'm indirectly telling Facebook it's okay that these groups are around every time I log on. My biggest fear is three thousand people are comfortable enough to be in this public group. How many more are comfortable in private groups. These groups are right in front of our faces under unassuming names. How many other groups have been found and nothing done because they don't go against community standards? How many other people are left feeling helpless to stop these groups.

Here is what I learned and wanted to share in case you come across child exploitation online.

  1. Still report the content to Facebook.

  2. Don't share the photos or the group name to protect the victims.

  3. Report the group to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children Cyber tip line. You will need the URL of the group. is not sufficient.

  4. Let Facebook know how you feel and all of your friends know to do the same without sharing content.

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